Stuffed Date



Every step taken towards eating more date and nuts help you and your family be at their best, because eating nuts and dried fruits may reduce your family risk of many diseases.

The rich nutritional content of dates makes them beneficial for your health and also have made them one of the best ingredients to combine with other nuts.

Eating dates directly is very simple and easy, but sometimes you might need to improve the taste of your date by stuffing the dates with nuts.

A combination of two type of healthy nuts such as almonds or pistachios can balance the sweetness of dates and make it more delicious and gives you incredible taste, we recommend you to try our stuffed date.

Why dates are good for your health? (Health benefit of dates)

Prevent abdominal cancer

Promote healthy bowel movements & control diarrhea

Strengthen the bones

Provide energy for anemic patients

Diminish allergic reactions

Maintain healthy weight

Great energy booster

Boost the nervous system & increase sexual stamina

Reduce the risk of stroke

Lower night blindness

Boosting Heart Health


Reduced blood pressure