Normal Kernels

Color: Purple and Brown skin, green and yellow inside.

Kernel Type: Closed shell pistachio kernel.

Pistachio Type: Mostly Round pistachio(Fandoghi) and Jumbo pistachio (Kale Ghoochi).

Flavor: Raw

Packing in Bulk: 10kg vacuum packing in cartons

Consumer Packing: from 100g to 1000g.



In our factory Pistachio kernels typically obtained from closed shell pistachios and kernels can be obtained from any type of Iranian pistachios but mostly from Round and Jumbo pistachio.

The closed shell pistachios are taken through cracking process. Pistachio kernels are normally used as snack, as a food ingredient in different industries such as confectionary, bakery products, chocolate, ice cream, sweet industry, cooking, sausage and ham.